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Black Friday Albania

Black Friday,black-friday

Termi E Premtja e Zeze, ka ardhur nga Shtetet e Bashkuara, dhe bota e biznesit eshte shume e familjarizuar me te. Por vetem ne kater vitet e fundit ajo ka hyre ne Britani, ku Amazon ishte kompania e pare qe e lancoje si promocion.

The terminology Black Friday, comes from USA and only int he past four years we have seen British companies starting to introduce it with Amazon leading the way.

Po Shqiperia apo vende te ngjashme a duhet te mesojne, ta perdorin apo te kene nje version te tyre te te Premtes se Zeze? A egziston mentaliteti i tregut, kerkesa, konkurenca per keto ide?

How about Albania or other countries should they learn, use or create their own version of Black Friday? Is there the market mentality, the demand, the competition for such idea? Naturally, when dealing with the opportunity of purchasing a product at considerably reduced price, it is very attractive for customers and should easily take off. Companies in developed countries take their time to launch themselves in the Black Friday offers. The reason as explained by the the manager for Harvey Norman, Mr Hannon it is that the company needs to really be offering great indisputable deals from one side and prove beneficial to the company too. The company will start for the first time this year the Black Friday offers, after having prepared for it for a year with a dedicated team of researchers and marketing. 

A eshte Shqiperia e pergatitur per Te Premten e Zeze? Po te marrim ne konsiderate nivelin e ulet te konkurences atehere propabiliteti eshte qe kerkesa eshte shume e vogel. Po te shohim nivelin e ulet te mbrojtjes se konsumatorit nga oferta jo reale ne cmim por edhe cilesi atehere mendojme se konsumatori do te goditet shume, gjithashtu edhe tregtia e ndershme.

So its Albania ready for Black Friday? Taking into account the low level of competition than the probability is that there is little demand anyway. Looking at the low influence of the consumers groups on protecting the customers from fake and unrealistic pricing for the quality or the lifespan of the the goods then the customers will be ripe off and the fair trader damaged too. 

Natyrisht qe ka disa aktivitete te ngjashme ne tregun Shqiptare si Klick Ekspo, e cila mund te konsiderohet si nje treg i hapur i prodhueseve ku njerzit vijne per te kaluar kohen sesa per te perfituar apo bere biznes. Apo edhe ofertat e dyqaneve Neptun, qe organizohen rregullisht.

Naturally there are some similar events already happening in the market such as the end of year Trade Fair, which can be considered more like an open producers market with people filling their time rather than finding deals. Or the discounts offered by Neptune Stores.

Arsyeja perse kompanite duhet ta karrin ne konsiderate te Premten e Zeze, eshte vete simbolika e emrit, ku kompanite u detyruan te shesin produktet e tyre ne kosto apo nen kosto per te pastruar stokun. Kompanite duhet ta bejne kete per perfitimin e tyre fillimisht, sepse ju liron nje kapital te bllokuar. Qeveria nga ana tjeter duhet te nxjerri udhezime dhe rregulla ne menyre qe konkurenca e ndershme nuk demtohet por edhe konsumatori mbrohet nga oferta te rreme.

The reason why companies should consider to fairly go for Black Friday, it is the very name of the deal, the need to sell at cost or lower the  old stock. They have to do this for their benefit as this will release, whats otherwise could end up as company’s capital loss, liquidity which is so much needed. The government on the other hand should facilitate this process through guidance and strict regulation so that the fair competition is not damaged and the customers are well protected by bogus claims.

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