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Construction Week UK October 2018 / Java e Ndertimit, kompani ndertimi Shqiptare marrin pjese ne ekspoziten ne Britani

9 to 11th October 2018 Construction Week UK


From the 9th to the 11th of October 2018, in one of the biggest exhibition Centres in UK the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham the Construction Industry of UK and companies from around the world got together to celebrate the latest innovation in the construction industry, to network and to develop new products and deliver great projects.


The chamber supported the participation of Albanian companies Kjeger Shpk, Victoria Invest, Varaku – E Shpk, Al – Asphalt Shpk, Mema Shpk, Fame Shpk, Beton Shpk and a group of arcitects working mainly freelance.


The tree days visit to the exhibition offered various new ideas which should be taken in account by the construction companies as well as the municipalities and the Department for the infrastructure development and Land Development such as:

new insight into the off-site construction and technology opportunities such as the study case represented by WM Housing on two identical projects one build with BIM ( Building Information Modelling) and one without. The difference was so great that many companies are now thinking on how to BIM their construction planed and most of the work build on off site. The companies will benefit from the ready made part of the building and no need for the construction to happen on the ground, workers dislocation, machineries, human error, weather challenges and environment impact.


Electrifications of rail, roads and others where discussed on the presentation of the eviFile company and their OLE Inspection Test Plan for the Bristol to Cardiff 65 KM.


One of the most followed presentation was the one targeting How to make Housing more affordable – with a home which should normally cost about 3 time the normal salary, currently it is over 13 times over the average salary. The discussions involved innovative proposals as well as special supporting financial package by the government.

9 deri me 11 Tetor 2018 Ekspozita me e madhe e Ndertimit ne UK


Ne keto data u mbajt ne nje nga qendrat me te rendesishme te ekspozitave ne Britanine e Madhe NEC ne Birmingham, Java e Nderitmit me pjesmarres nga e gjithe bot ate cilet prezantuan e diskutuan risite me te reja per fushen e ndertimit, diskutuan bashkepunimin midis tyre dhe projektet e mundshme.


Dhoma mbeshteti pjesemarrjen ne kete aktivitet te kompanive si Kjeger Shpk, Victoria Invest, Varaku – E Shpk, Al – Asphalt Shpk, Mema Shpk, Fame Shpk, Beton Shpk por edhe nej grup akitektesh te panvarur.


Ne tre dite te ekspozites u shpalosen shume ide te reja te cilat duhet te merren ne konsiderate nga kompanite e ndertimit por edhe nga departamentet e zhvillimit urban dhe infrastruktures, ide si:


Rasti I ndertimit te dy projekteve civile identike ku njera u planifikua dhe ndertua me perfshirjen e BIM ( Modelimi I informacionit per Ndertesen) dhe tjetra pa te. Ndryshimi ishte shumeiI qarte ne kosto dhe perfundimin e projektit. Kjo I beri kompanite te marrin ne konsiderate planifikimin dhe parafabrikimin e produkteve. Kompanite dot e perfitojne nga parafabrikimi sepse do te kursejne se nuk kane perse te dergojne njerzit, pajisjet ne vendin e ndertimit, problemet me motin, gabimi njerzor qe mund te ndodhi nje nje moment ne terren por edhe impakti ne mjedis.


Elektifikimi I hekurudhave, rrugeve apo zonave te caktuara e cila u prezantua nga eviFile e demostruar me OLE Inspection Test Plan e zbatura ne rrugen nga Bristol – Cardiff prej 65 KM.


Nje nder diskutimet me te ndjekura ishte Si Ta Bejm Ndertimin e Shtepive Sa me Te Perballueshem Financiarisht – normalisht kjo duhet te jete 3 here e nje rroge mesatare nderkohe qe ka arritur edhe 13 here me shume gje qe e ben shume problematike, u diskutuan jo vetem risite por edhe paketat financiare qe qeveria duhet te ofroje


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