Tuesday , February 7 2023

Thirrja e Katert per IPARD II

Fourth call for the European Union-funded projects through the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance in Rural Development (IPARD II) Programme, mostly focusing on nature and rural tourism, handcrafts and manufacturing industry, was launched for everyone wishing to invest in these aspects of rural tourism in Albania.

The fourth call for applications was open until February 25th, 2022 and the call is designed to promote and open a window of communication for all potential applicants to attract as many as possible investment projects in the country’s rural tourism. The overall available budget for this call was Euro 5.2 million, with the EU funds accounting for 75% of the total budget and 25% of it provided by the Albanian government through its state budget.

To find out more please click here or write to us to keep you informed of further funding

  Eshte lancuar thirrja e katert e projektit te financuar nga Bashkimi Europian nepermpjet instrumentit te Asistences perpara bashkimit per zonat rurale, e fokusuar ne natyren, turizmin rural, punen e dores dhe industria e lehte. Te gjithe te interesuarit jane ftuar te behen pjese e ketij investimi.


Aplikimi u mbyll ne 25 shkurti dhe thirrja ishte e dizenjuar per te promovuar mundesine per sa me shume aplikant te marrin pjese dhe ndikojne ne permiresimin e zonave rurale. Buxheti i pergjithshem ishte 5.2 Million Euro, ku EU financonte 75% dhe qeveria shqiptare 25%.



Per te mesuar me shume mbi kete mekanizem si edhe fushat e interesit, klikoni ketu ose na shkruani qe ne tju mbajme te informuar per cdo te re.


Lexo gjithashtu

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